Breaking News: Just received – DUNBARTON  (limited edition and hard to find),Mi Quierda, Umbagog, Muestra de Saka Nactamale Mi Quierda| Hit of the month: Foundation Cigar  CHARTER OAK Maduro Toro, H. Upmann Grupo de Maestros | Coming this summer: A Three-Day tribute to Gene (founder of Cigar Haven) 

Welcome to The Cigar Haven

When you buy ’em here, you can smoke ’em here (with a $15 min. purchase).  That sure beats smoking on the back porch or in the garage.

Step inside the Cigar Haven, and find hundreds of premium cigars, accessories, and sampler packs. If you can’t find it at Cigar Haven, it’s not worth having.

You’ll also be greeted by Mouse, the resident bulldog of the Cigar Haven.

Never been to Cigar Haven? In this short video, Barb (our resident tobacconist) shows you what awaits you inside Cigar Haven.

We know you’re serious about your cigars…and so are we at Cigar Haven.


Find your favorite cigar

Search the massive Cigar Haven inventory

Gene’s Cave

In the “Lounge” you can buy ’em here and smoke ’em here.

With wi-fi, big screen tv’s, and comfortable chairs you’ll sink into, hang out with your friends and make some new ones. Kick back, or do some work.

Upgrade your membership and get into Gene’s Cave, which comes with assigned cigar lockers.

Sampler Packs

Don’t know their favorite cigar, and you can’t ask because it’ll spoil the surprise?

Get a Cigar Haven “Sampler Pack.”

One box with lots of variety.

Find your favorite(s) mixed in with something new to try!

Cigar Haven Videos

What’s the best cigar to pair with brandy? What if you’re a cigar newbie? Get answers with these short videos from Barb at Cigar Haven.

Pics with the Dragon

Bring your phone in and snap a selfie with the Dragon and Mouse the bulldog.

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